Car Wash Buildings

AV Car Wash is a leading supplier of AUTEC car wash glass building enclosures for Texas and Oklahoma. We serve as a distributor of attractive, quality, highly-finished, long-lasting structures that can comply with most building codes.

Our standard building designs can include glass from the bumper to the ground. The new AUTEC Model 222 features a hip roof design and stepped bumper / fascia to allow custom graphics, signage, or neon highlights.

texas car wash glass building day
texas car wash building night
Oklahoma car wash building night
oklahoma car wash building day
Texas car wash building blue
oklahoma car wash building blue
Texas car wash building yellow
texas car wash building red
texas car wash building yellow

Contact AV Car Wash Sales for more information about how to add an AUTEC car wash building to your car wash project in Texas or Oklahoma. Our car wash building experts will help you configure the right building length and options.

We offer car wash buildings in North Texas, Central Texas, Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Denton, Austin, Waco, Tyler, Longview, Sherman, Plano, and surrounding areas.